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Download our discussion guide and visit websites of organization we love to learn more and take action.

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Corporate Accountability

Founded in the 1970s—early organizers met in Frances’s house!—Corporate Accountability was initiated by everyday folks appalled at infant formula companies like Nestlé pushing their products and harming babies worldwide. After years of organizing against the baby formula industry, the organization grew to take on additional corporate targets. Today, Corporate Accountability is a leading campaigner against corporate malfeasance, from Big Tobacco to Big Oil and, sadly, continues to fight formula companies, too. Check out their website to become a member and join in the action. 



We’re delighted to showcase Better Food Foundation's new project focused on  making planet- and plant-centered foods the default in schools and cafeterias around the world. DefaultVeg understands that defaults shape culture! In the United States, food is typically served in a way that reinforces the idea that meat should be a part of every meal. However, when people see delicious plant-based meals presented as the default, and when they see their co-workers, classmates, and family members eating delicious plant-based meals—not just salads!—it reshapes collective thinking about what “normal” looks like. Visit DefaultVeg to learn more about how to bring this way of connecting with food to your community or campus.

Friends of the Earth

Founded by David Brower, Friends of the Earth is part of an international network fighting for a more healthy and just world. Its more than 3 million members work together to expose those who endanger the health of people and the planet for corporate profit. Anna has worked closely with the team working on food and agriculture campaigns, including helping with its powerful Organic for All campaign as well as helping educate audiences about the impact of neonicotinoids and pesticides more broadly as well as exposing food industry misinformation. Learn more about the Friends of the Earth Food Program here. 


HEAL Food Alliance

HEAL (Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Labor) Alliance a national multi-sector, multi-racial coalition of 55 organizations. Led by its members—who represent over 2 million rural and urban farmers, ranchers, fishers, farm and food chain workers, indigenous groups, scientists, public health advocates, policy experts, community organizers, and activists—HEAL is helping to build a movement to transform our food and farm systems from the current extractive economic model towards community control, care for the land, local economies, meaningful labor, and healthful communities nationwide, while supporting the sovereignty of all living beings. Click here to learn more about HEAL and its School of Political Leadership.

PAN logo_edited.png

Pesticide Action Network of North America

A diet for a small planet is one free from toxic chemicals—and for decades Pesticide Action Network affiliates around the world have been fighting for a pesticide-free future. Together with four other regional centers, PAN is working to end reliance on hazardous pesticides and achieve health, resilience and justice in food and farming. Learn more about how to get involved in your own community here and read Anna’s interview with PAN scientists about their recent study about the crisis of pesticide poisoning around the world.  


Real Food Media

Real Food Media is a small-but-mighty team of women (including Anna!) that uses a wide range of communications tools—including videos, radio, podcasts, social media, public speaking, and storytelling—for food system transformation. Based in Chicago, Minneapolis, and the San Francisco Bay Area, Real Food Media works to strengthen the food movement through creative media initiatives, communications strategy, public events and podcasts, and much more. Sign up for stimulating monthly news, learn more about the organization’s two podcasts, or dig into its online videos here.

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